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About Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

In the broader sense of its term, I view coaching as a process of imparting individuals with the knowledge, tools as well as opportunities vital for them to grow, develop and be more effective.

To me Executive Coaching is a relationship whereby I help my client achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction and, consequently, to improve the effectiveness of my client's organisation within a formally defined coaching agreement.

To my mind, Executive Coaching is unique in many ways: the nature of partnership in executive coaching is highly confidential between the coach and the executive; executive coaching is outcome oriented and personal, and focuses on both interpersonal issues, but also on intrapersonal ones; the organisation is usually an important stakeholder in the coaching relationship, although the executive may initiate the coaching independently.

What it is...
Change is a process which takes place over time.

The very essence of coaching involves sustainable change over time
as human beings evolve into more “complete” individuals. 

This process, dosed with a degree of uncertainty, is often accompanied by a shift from a comfort zone, the known, to the uncomfortable, the unknown and usually entails adopting new behaviors.

How does Executive Business Coaching Work?

How it works...

Every coach is unique. Every executive is unique.

Executive Coaching comprises a variety of strategies that are designed to help the executive optimise potential, workplace efficiency, communicate better, set goals, change behaviour, identify and fill skill gaps. The end objective being that the executive should feel more confident in their potential, their decisions, their ability to handle challenging situations and be able to tackle issues at work as well as
collaborate with colleagues and empower team members .

My approach to Executive Coaching is non-directive and focuses on identifying and achieving both short-term and long-term SMART goals, as well as providing leaders with the strategies they need to replicate that success in the future. I work with senior executives to help them craft their scope of vision, design a roadmap for themselves to achieve same and add value to their executive toolkit.

To me, every coaching intervention is unique, tailored and results-oriented aimed at providing positive growth for the individual and the organisation as a whole. Furthermore, by ensuring privacy, a non-judgemental perspective and confidentiality, I offer executive coachees a safe space to share, explore and adopt new approaches so as to improve efficiency through constructive feedback.

After all, what is executive coaching if not a journey towards maximising your own potential and capability? 

Why is Executive Coaching important?

Having been there myself and spent 20 years in the corporate sector as part of leadership teams of high profile organisations including two commercial banks, I can vouch it’s not easy at the top and very often you are alone!

Executive Coaching can help in many ways.

From my own experience, in the organisational context, coaching interventions vary based on individual clients’ needs and clients come to me for different reasons be it talent and leadership development, performance improvement, transitions and change management, team building, developing specific skills to improve performance on the job, organisational goal setting and focusing on priorities, enhancing career advancement and improving job satisfaction.

Executive Coaching can help you manage workplace challenges through improved communication, defusing conflicts and asking the right questions that lead to a-ha moments! Executive Coaching can help you bring out the best in yourself and in your colleagues, overcoming day-to-day challenges whilst keeping focus on the future and keeping your goals for the company firmly in sight.

Leadership is not something that comes naturally to everyone. it is a skill and talent that is developed over time and by working with a professional executive coach, you can acquire the much needed leadership skills you need to optimise your growth potential and that of your organisation.

Why it's important...

What to look for in an Executive Coach

A good executive coach is one who is experienced, skilful, communicative
and clear about their process and methodology.
A skilled coach is one who can listen to your concerns and challenges attentively
and builds rapport with you all along. Working closely with you, your coach seamlessly
guides you through the coaching sessions whilst helping you keep focus
on the bigger picture to help you achieve your ultimate goals.
Professional coaches are ethical, trustworthy
and maintain confidentiality aligned to industry standards.

What to look for...

Maximise your own potential
and capability through your
Executive Coaching Journey.

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