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Alain Wai Choon 

Head of Sales & Marketing 

Soap & Allied Industries Ltd (SAIL)

I've been working with Amaresh through 2019 and he is a great coach. He has your progress at heart and motivates you to go the extra mile. I found his insights and advice particularly useful.
I had many illuminating moments during our coaching sessions which made me see things from a different perspective. As a coach, Amaresh is a good listener and makes you feel very comfortable during coaching sessions. Through our coaching sessions, I have been able to prioritise things, let go of some of the non-productive matters, set tangible goals, manage my time better and find my own answers to several questions I had. His coaching has helped me a lot and I can only recommend him
to anyone who is motivated to make a change in their lives.
Thank you Amaresh.

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Sheila Virahsawmy 

Senior Manager, Health, Safety, Security & Environment

VIVO Energy Mauritius

I have worked with Amaresh over the last 4 months. He has been very useful in supporting me to achieve my goals and workplace challenges. My degree of comfort and motivation dealing with people and handling challenges at work have been highly influenced positively. His coaching has had a positive impact on me, the way I work but most importantly in the way I perceive and handle change management and transition phases in my organisation. I would certainly recommend executives to explore coaching with Amaresh.

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Rosalia Martins-Hausiku


MVA Fund of Namibia

Working with Amaresh has been amazing. The connection was just great! He is straightforward and really motivates you. Throughout our coaching sessions, Amaresh came out as a really caring coach, intuitive, knowledgeable and someone here to listen! His coaching has enabled me to stay focused,
set achievable goals, explore deeper, analyse different alternatives
to be able to reach decisions and find solutions.
His coaching technique has not only made me more mindful but has also helped me
overcome limiting beliefs to move forward.
The versality and flexibility of his coaching were aspects I really valued.
A must do experience!

Every client is unique and whole, and is the expert.

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