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9 December 2021
Online Conference

About the Conference

“Authenticity” – International Online Coaching Conference
is being held for the very first time for Mauritius bringing together great speakers,
great coaching content, great facilitators – coming from both academia and practice.
This conference aims to inform and engage interactively with the audience to build
coaching skills and develop coaching practice.

Coaching practice is becoming an ever-stronger mechanism to support organisational leadership
and many organisations are striving to embed coaching practice in their organisation culture.

Keynote addresses on relevant coaching topics will give participants
plenty of opportunities to acquire new knowledge, skills, insights and capacity.

Participants will get the opportunity to engage
with experienced coaches and put into practice coaching techniques and learnings
through online coaching sessions. 

Why should you attend

If you
(Coach, Coaching professional, Leadership Professional, HR Manager,

Learning & Development Manager)
are looking at broadening your coaching perspective then you must attend this conference.

This conference is for all those who are interested to learn and exchange
about the practice of coaching and its future,
scientific developments around coaching,
about the coach/client relationship and much more.

Leave with a sense of direction and purpose,
and a broadened network of coaching connections.



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Thursday, 9 December 2021

08:00 – 08:30: Registration & Welcome

08:30 – 09:45: “Readiness for Coaching” by Professor Salomé van Coller-Peter

09:45 – 10:00: Break

10:00 – 11:15: “Coaching Women” by Bhavna Toor

11:15 – 12:30: “Ubuntu Coaching Practice” by Nobantu Mpotulo

12:30 – 13:00: Lunch break

13:00 – 14:15: "Equi-Coaching” (French) by Valeccia Challe

14:15 – 15:45: “Performance Coaching” by Dr. Anuradha Rao

15:45 – 16:00: Break

16:00 – 17:15: "Ubuntu Coaching and Team Coaching" by Dumi Magadlela

17:15 – 17:30: Wrap up

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Meet Your Speakers

Professor Salomé van Coller-Peter

Salome photo.jpg

I am a senior lecturer and researcher in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). I am also a registered industrial psychologist and professional coach who completed my M Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of Johannesburg in 1986 and my doctorate in Management Coaching at Middlesex University, London, UK, in 2008.

My private-practice

focuses on alignment within team-contexts and I have a keen interest in Leadership and Project Management teams; fostering high-performance-cultures through a mixed-method approach.

More About Me

Previous executive positions held:

Project Crown – with European Union as sponsor
Rendering full spectrum of consulting, training and coaching services through KAP Global, in lieu of building a new supply chain for the automotive industry in Sweden.

ABB Holdings – Sunningdale, RSA (international company)
HR and OD executive of Powertech

SA Post Office
National Training Manager – three-year position with three main projects having been delivered in areas of empowerment, performance management and Executive training.

Nedcor Bank
Head Industrial Psychologist during merger amongst a number of financial-institutions to form Nedcor Bank.

My research-focus covers areas such as Reflective-Learning-Practice; Transformational Learning;
Project Leader as Coach; Sustainable learning through coaching (aimed at post-graduates)
at business-schools and Leadership teams.
Since 1987, I have been running a private practice which offers consulting, training and coaching in the following areas:

• Talent development
• Alignment between strategy and culture
• Values in action
• Performance Management
• Succession coaching
• Process flow analysis and improvement
• Project management training and coaching
• Breaking down silos to achieve integration, optimisation and performance.
• Developing executive and project-teams for sustainable performance.

Some of the industries and organisations that I have been of service to:

• Production: Cadbury, Nampac, Agrichem, Caterpillar
• Waste: SA Metal
• Motor: Volkswagen, Nissan and John Deere in South Africa, and Volvo in Sweden
• Construction: ABB, Grinaker-LTA and Group 5
• Pharmaceutical: AstraZeneca, Roche, Glaxo Wellcome, Johnson & Johnson
• Research: Boart Research, Rand Water, Chamber of Mines
• Engineering and manufacturing:Deutz Diesel Power (SA), Epsilon Engineering and Swepart (Sweden)
• Banking: Nedcor, First Rand, Standard Chartered, Stanbic
• IT: Hewlett-Packard, SAP
• Food and beverage: Parmalat and Pioneer Foods
• Government: City of Cape Town and Parliament
• Argriculture: Vinpro – currently rolling out a strategy and values alignment proses through coaching
• Distribution: Distell
• Printing: Novus-holdings
• Other African countries: ABB Africa, MTC, Namport in Namibia, the UK, Sweden, USA,
Ghana and Ethiopia

Some affiliations and memberships key to my development and service-rendering:

• COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa): As a member, I play an active role in the development of a curriculum for coaching supervisors.
• Health Services Council of South Africa: Registered as an industrial psychologist
• Centre for Creative Leadership, Brussels, Belgium: Associate
• Global Coach Network, United States: Associate
• Peer reviewer for three South African journals and one international

I am a lifelong learner who loves to co-create knowledge sharing and the building of mutually-beneficial-partnerships. My key focus is that of enablement through learning and application. For this reason I engage in activities which couple learning with coaching since it is a proven way to ensure quicker and better transfer of learning from the “classroom” to the workplace.

My core values: Fairness, Authenticity and Commitment. I believe that the potential for growth is endless, when we have mind sets which focus on potential and possibility within a leadership-space which enables and empowers people.

My husband Arne and I and our daughter Leila-Mare live on the West Coast.

Here, I take long walks along the beach, write, read, enjoy music, play the saxophone,

and build relations with our community.

I thank you.

Bhavna Toor

Bhavna Toor is the founder of Shenomics,
a Mindful leadership platform helping women realize their highest professional aspirations through a philosophy of leadership grounded in a conscious and non-judgmental awareness of one’s authentic self.

Bhavna has been mentoring

leaders and entrepreneurs for the last 10 years ~

Including as an Entrepreneur-in-residence

at the GSF Global Accelerator
and previously as the CEO and Director of the National Social Entrepreneurship Forum,
helping to create a supportive eco-system for over 10,000 young social entrepreneurs.

Prior to that, Bhavna had a 9-year celebrated career on Wall Street,
most recently as a Vice President at a top investment firm in New York.

As a passionate women’s leadership coach, Bhavna has spoken on various platforms including TEDx,
and has worked with high-potential women at leading companies like Societe Generale,
Google, Target and Goldman Sachs.

Bhavna is a founding member of the Womensphere Global Network,
an alumna of GIFT’s Global Young Leaders,
the Startup Leadership Program,
the Piramal Fellowship,
and has an MBA in Social Impact from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Bhavna is also a former Miss India New York, model, actress, dancer and TV Host (Namaste America).

Bhavna has lived in 6 different countries, and brings a global understanding and sensitivity to her work.

Bhavna is working towards a world where all women can express their highest selves freely and fearlessly, where we uplift and empower one another through stories of our courage, and where the leader that we follow before all others is the leader within.

Nobantu Mpotulo

Nobantu hails from South Africa and is amongst the first five Africans to be accredited at MCC by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is one of the inaugural international coaches for Ethical Coach.
During the design of the Ethical Coach Summit she was one of the main programme designers. 

For the past three years

Nobantu has been doing live coaching demonstrations on UBUNTU coaching at WBECS and on other global platforms. Nobantu is also a sought after international speaker. 

More About Nobantu

Nobantu boasts more than 3000 coaching hours at CEO level, Executive Level, Senior Management levels for both individual and team coaching.

She won a leadership coaching award under World Coaching Congress in Coaching Leadership
in 2015 in India. During the rife COVID pandemic Nobantu was offering pro bono coaching to frontline workers.

Nobantu has developed an Ubuntu Coaching Programme for Coaches which has been gaining traction globally. She started the programme in March 2021 and has already trained 45 experienced coaches globally.

In her coaching Nobantu follows the agenda of the client in her coaching.
Through probing questions and sharing just in time observations, she takes clients deep
and helps them to identify their blind spots and embrace their shadows.
Clients go deeper into the sub-conscious and unconscious levels and dance with what emerges.
She mostly evokes awareness in her clients through raising somatic awareness and somatic experiencing.

She provides a safe and open space for the coaches to do their work, focusing on unexplored territories. She moves on a continuum of being non-directive to directive depending on what is missing in the client’s system.

As a Mindfulness Practitioner and Teacher she supports her clients in integrating the head, heart, instinctual and spiritual intelligence.
She does amazing heart work with clients based on the principles of UBUNTU “I am because We Are”.


In coaching Nobantu focuses on the HEART and surfaces the HEART of the matter.

Valeccia Challe

Valeccia is a behavioural coach,
working with humans, animals and businesses.
She particularly uses the equi-coaching method, where the horse is the mediator,
to help everyone have a better knowledge of oneself,
and to accept one’s qualities as well as flaws
in order to live better.



"Raconte-moi et j’oublierai,
montre-moi et je me souviendrai,
laisse-moi expérimenter et je comprendrai"


Tel est l’art de l’équi-coaching :

expérimenter à travers ses ressentis et ses émotions face au cheval ; afin de mieux se comprendre et agir au plus juste pour un mieux être.

En tant que coach, mon rôle, lors de ces séances d’équi-coaching est essentiellement de maintenir un cadre, d’assurer la sécurité, le lien et la protection. Je travaille avec des techniques classiques d’accompagnement et de relation d’aide tirées de la psychologie humaniste, notamment en reformulant et en soumettant des hypothèses. Mon rôle principal est de « ne pas savoir » car ce sont souvent les personnes elles-mêmes qui ont la réponse au fond d’eux. Chaque personne possède en lui sa solution…

Le coaching facilité par le cheval met souvent à jour des contradictions internes, des stratégies mentales inappropriées ou des dysfonctionnements. Cette méthode révèle également toutes les ressources disponibles pour aller de l’avant: de nouvelles stratégies mentales, des comportements plus appropriés rendant plus efficace les façons de faire et d’être.

A travers les différents exercices que je propose, le cheval vous apprend à mieux vous connaître, à vous appuyer sur vos zones de force, à dépasser vos limites, à sortir de votre zone de confort mais également à mieux communiquer avec l’autre, à aller sur les champs de l’empathie et de l’écoute. Au fil de la séance, je suis simplement un « traducteur » des comportements du cheval. Le cheval étant mon « assistant-révélateur » des ressentis réels. Le cheval, en interaction avec vous, me fait des suggestions pour vous guider, et m’indiquer le plus court chemin dans votre espace intérieur.

Le miroir de vos comportements mettra certainement également à jour les incongruences entre votre communication verbale et non verbale. Nous visiterons ensemble quelles valeurs vous animent et comment elles sont nourries. En prenant conscience de vos aspirations, votre focal s’élargit et votre conscience s’éveille. L’adéquation entre ses aspirations et votre moi profond peut alors se faire.

Comprendre l’interaction entre ce qui compose votre comportement externe, votre relation à l’autre, vos états internes (émotions, humeurs diverses…) et vos processus internes (pensées, stratégies mentales…) est source d’équilibre.

Les possibilités de travail en individuel par le biais de l’équi-coaching sont par exemple:
le développement de l’intelligence émotionnelle, la conscience de soi, la maîtrise de soi, la confiance en soi, le leadership, le non-jugement, les modes de communication personnelles, la capacité à gérer le stress, l’adaptation au changement, l’intuition et la créativité.

Les possibilités de travail en collectif par le biais de l’équi-coaching sont par exemple :
confiance en soi dans un collectif, communication interne au groupe, gestion du stress,
Leadership et Management, cohésion d’équipe, vente et négociation, le Changement,
l’organisation / le système hiérarchique / la coopération, la créativité et la dynamique de groupe,
la gestion de projet.

L’atelier peut se formater sous forme d’un atelier « découverte » ou plus précisément sur une des thématiques citées ci-avant.

Dr. Anuradha Rao, PH.D

Anuradha comes with a total of 30 years of experience in Human Resources. She has held several leadership positions in the corporate world with organizations like GE, IBM BTO Operations, Deutsche Bank, and HR Head for Mphasis and Genpact. She is the Founder & Principal Consultant of LeAd (Aaradhya Learning and Development) Solutions and works with various Organizations and Educational Institutions in designing, developing and Implementing Learning Solutions.

She has a

Doctorate (PhD) in English Literature from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (India), a Diploma in Journalism, has been trained on Methods and Methodologies of Learning and Content Development; and holds a Diploma in Experiential Education Practice.
She is accredited on implementation of various Psychometric tools.

Her certifications include

1) Master Practioner of Neurolinguistic Programming by the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programing, Florida.
2) Certified Coach by Neuro Leadership Institute, an organisation founded by David Rock, CEO
3) Certified Counselor by Manford India
4) Certified Coach on ‘Cultural Orientations Approach’ – tool on Cross Cultural Communication
5) Diploma in Experiential Education Practice, India

She has worked with clients as an HR practitioner and brings with her the expertise of taking on consulting assignments in the space of Organizational Behavior and Organisation Development.

She has designed, developed, and facilitated Leadership programs is the area of Performance Management, Succession Planning, Emotional Intelligence, Managerial Effectiveness and Building HR Leadership; and as an extension supported Individuals on Leadership Competencies
Anuradha has been an Executive Coach since 2009 and has over 900 hours of Coaching to her credit.

Her clients include leadership from the organizations of Deutsche Bank, Reliance India, AGI-GlasPac, AMEX, ALPLA India Ltd, Dr Reddy’s Lab, India Insure, Annapurna College of Film and Media, Annapurna Studios Pvt Ltd, Cognizant Technologies, MasterCard, NCL VEKA and various individual coaching assignments.

Most of her coaching assignments have been with the Leadership team in the organizations mentioned with a focus on Leadership Development and Performance Coaching.

She is a certified facilitator for BBCC (Brain Based Coaching Certification Program)
conducted by NLI (Neuro Leadership Institute.

Dr. Dumi Magadlela

Dr. Dumi Magadlela is an accredited international executive coach, team coach, coach trainer, leadership development facilitator, organizational ‘people whisperer’, and African skills development practitioner. He is based Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a regularly featured speaker and panellist on coaching, leadership, and people development. He is an author on executive coaching, coaching approaches, ubuntu values, and people development.

Dumi - Profile Pic (preferred) - Copy.jpg

Dumi co-founded

the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in South Africa where he has been part of Senior Faculty for over ten years.

More About Dumi

He delivers a module on “Coaching in the African Context”.
Dumi is part-time faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s
MPhil in Management Coaching, where he teaches
a module on “Team Coaching from an African Perspective” using Ubuntu Coaching perspectives.

Dumi’s coaching approaches include systems, gestalt, emotional intelligence, and integral approaches. He has vast experience working across the African continent
and collaborating with other coaches and clients globally.

Dumi currently works with business leaders and executives
across the private, public, and non- profit sectors.
His clients include Microsoft, Vodacom, Nampak,
and multiple others within SA, across the African continent and abroad.

He currently serves as a Trustee on the
Board of the International Coaching Federation Foundation (ICF-F).

Dumi is part of the international faculty at the WBECS’ Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI),
where he facilitates Team Coaching training.
He is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
as a Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching.

Dumi features regularly on local and international coaching, leadership, and speaking platforms. 

Rs 12,000 per participant.
Course is MQA approved and company sponsored participants
can get a refund of up to 75% from HRDC.


USD 300 for Foreign Delegates.



Get your Conference Schedule

& Registration Form here :

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who WE truly are.

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